"I travel not to go anywhere, but to go." - Robert Louis Stevenson

Tetrhea is a highly advanced research facility pioneering the creation of the world’s first commercial time travel service. Since 1993 we have focused our resources on two projects; Chronos and Kairos. We are dedicated to invention but this does not negate our responsibility to passengers and as such, safety is an integral part of our ethos. We are a company committed to innovation and look forward to welcoming passengers in 2017.


Project Chronos, focused on historical time travel, has proven to be our most successful venture. Our Head of Scientific Research, Isobel Gordon, discovered the presence of a cosmic string over the early twentieth century and this monumental breakthrough has led to the establishment of our first time portal, Tommy.

Portal Tommy is being co-ordinated by astrophysicist Alex Brennan who specializes in the use of Einstein-Rosen bridges. This phenomenon enables the opening of a time portal in a fixed location and as such Tommy will be able to transport passengers between the present day and 1917. Current work is focused on finding the optimum location in which to secure Tommy but our researchers believe the strongest connection will be found in Western Europe.

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“The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” - Albert Einstein


Project Kairos aims to push back the frontiers of science. Our team of dedicated researchers is working hard to develop the project. The use of cutting edge technology means that details of this work must remain confidential for the time being.

“It is not down on any map; true places never are.” - Herman Melville


Michael Daly – CEO


Michael is responsible for co-ordinating all departments involved in establishing the first commercial time travel program. Michael has received international acclaim for his research on Cosmic Strings. Over the last 16 years Michael has run his own business focused on the development of particle accelerators. His extensive knowledge of both science and commerce makes him the ideal person to make time travel accessible to all. Michael has a great passion for the outdoors and is combining this with his commitment to charity by running his first Marathon in April next year.

Isobel Gordon – Head of Scientific Research


Isobel graduated from the University of Oxford in 1985 with a degree in Physics. She developed her knowledge through further research into Astrophysics and Quantum mechanics. Isobel’s most recent practice has focused on short-term space travel and informed her work as a guest lecturer at the UK’s leading universities.

Alex Brennan – Director of Project Chronos


Alex combines his passion for both history and science to effectively direct Project Chronos. Alex graduated with a degree in Astrophysics and spent several years as a technical consultant in the UK space industry before joining Tetrhea. What distinguishes Alex from other scientists is his enthusiasm for history. In addition to his participation in historical reenactments, Alex makes frequent visits to Flanders where he studies trench excavation.

Simon McBurney – Head of Safety


Simon joined Tetrhea in 2012 with a background in military aviation safety. He has undertaken critical safety roles throughout his career relating to personnel both on the ground and in the air. He brings 17 years of experience to the role and will use his extensive knowledge of science, aviation and logistics to ensure that all Tetrhea passengers have a safe time travel experience. Simon’s role extends across all of Tetrhea’s activities but has a specific focus on the manufacture and testing of time portals and risk assessment of travel locations.



New Home for Chronos Team January 2016

We are proud to announce that our plans for the build of a new research facility have been approved. Tetrhea’s state of the art complex will be solely dedicated to project Chronos and become the home of our very first time portal. Our science and commercial teams will be brought together as laboratories and offices exist side by side. This new development will also allow us to do site specific testing for our time portal and create the opportunity for members of the public to visit our laboratories as part of the Tetrhea experience.

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CEO Michael Daly to Lead Conference March 2015

We are proud to announce that our CEO Michael Daly has been selected to chair a discussion at the British Space Conference. His experience of establishing Tetrhea as a sustainable scientific business has made Michael the ideal candidate to lead a session titled Opportunities in Science. Michael will appear alongside other industry experts and his discussion will explore the acquisition of funding in the scientific sector through both public and private investment as well as studying useful mechanisms for ensuring business growth in the current economic climate.

The event is open to the public. You can reserve your place and find out more about the event at www.spaceuk2015.org


Team Discover Parallel Cosmic Strings May 2011

Yesterday was a very special day here at Tetrhea as our scientific research team discovered the presence of two cosmic strings. These scientific phenomena are key enablers of time travel and thus this breakthrough signifies a huge step forward in the quest to establish a commercial time travel service.

Cosmic strings are one-dimensional scientific fissures in the universe that are thought to have formed following the big bang. These cracks contain vast amounts of mass and this can be used to bend time. In consequence, chronological events can be reshuffled and a connection can be formed through time. The presence of one cosmic string is interesting for observation but not enough to facilitate time travel. In order to utilise this power, an approaching string must be found and it was this discovery that makes yesterday’s events so important. The energy created as a result of the approach of these two strings will be used to bend time and therefore pull travellers from the present day into the past. At this stage, it is only the possibility of time travel that we can announce. Creating the loop itself and harvesting its power can lead to chronological fluctuations and so it is only upon the completion of this project that we will be able to confirm an exact historical travel destination.

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